Renáta Gallai

Expert in cultural and tourism development, Municipality of the 7th District of Budapest (Hungary)

Renata works for the municipality of Budapest's 7th district (Erzsébetváros) as an expert in cultural and tourism development. She is also in charge of the district's tourist nightlife. She works in the mayor's office alongside Mr. Péter Nierdermüller, where her responsibilities include creating, improving and developing projects to act on cultural and tourist urbanism. She has a positive vision of the future of urban safety: according to Renáta, it is essential to recognize the importance of improving urban safety in terms of social cohesion, polarization, but also the legal context to support prevention, public participation and respond to the impacts of climate change. She believes that involving citizens as local actors, and not just as users, is one of the keys to improving urban safety. 

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