Rachid Madrane

President of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium)

With a degree in journalism and communications, Rachid Madrane was a member of the Brussels Regional Parliament, where he drafted and pushed through legislation - known as the Madrane Ordinance - extending anti-discrimination legislation in employment. Elected to the Federal Parliament, he later became Secretary of State and Minister. As Minister for Youth Welfare, he pushed through a new Prevention, Youth Welfare and Youth Protection Code, reforming the entire sector. As Minister for the Houses of Justice, he worked to improve support for those on trial, particularly victims, and to improve prisoner rehabilitation.

He was behind the creation of CAPREV - Centre d'Aide et de Prise en Charge de toute personne concernée par les Extrémismes et Radicalismes Violents.

President of the Brussels-Capital Region Parliament since 2019, he has strengthened citizens' involvement in democratic processes, facilitating the right to petition and introducing mixed deliberative commissions that have randomly selected citizens and parliamentarians working side by side.

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