Przemyslaw Dobrzynski

Senior Communications Specialist, Polish Platform for Homeland Security (Poland)

Przemyslaw Dobrzynski holds a degree in journalism and social communications. During his studies, he specialized in branding and public relations, advertising and promotion, and corporate communications management. He spent over six years with the Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS), a leading Polish NGO in the security sector. Mr. Dobrzynski is responsible for communication and dissemination for the European SAFE-CITIES project. He also plays a key role in promoting the results of the EU-funded PREVENT PCP and SHIELD4CROWD initiatives. Within the PPHS, he works in particular on improving the institution's communication strategies, in particular through online channels, to enhance public safety awareness and counter misinformation. His active involvement in national and international security R&D projects has enabled him to acquire practical skills, in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of security-related issues. On a personal level, he is particularly interested in communication processes, political marketing and how global events affect the world.

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