Lydia Barneoud

Director, Haki Za Wanatsa (Mayotte, France)

Lydia Barneoud is director of the Haki Za Wanatsa association (children's rights, in Shimaore) and founder of the Collectif CIDE (Convention internationale des droits de l'enfant) Océan Indien, which brings together 30 associations in Mauritius and Reunion. She is currently working in the French West Indies and soon in French Guiana to create a branch of the Collectif CIDE Antilles-Guyane (CIDE Outre-mer) and set up 4 caravans to combat sexual violence against minors, with the co-founder of the Mouv'Enfants association and former member of CIIVISE, Arnaud Gallais, survivor of a double incest and author of the book "J'étais un enfant" (Flammarion, October 2023). Lydia is also an anthropologist by training, and has been teaching in Mayotte for 13 years.

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