Chris Vandenhaute

Police Inspector, Police de Bruxelles CAPITALE Ixelles (Belgium)

Chris Vandehaute is a police inspector for the Bruxelles CAPITALE Ixelles police zone. He leads the Herscham Team, which aims to respond to the unabated issue of growing precariousness of life in the big cities. Their non-repressive approach is based on support and direct assistance for a specific segment of the population, such as the homeless and those on the margins of society, who are all too often perceived as vectors of incivility and nuisance (makeshift camps on the public highway, disturbances, drunkenness...), and the problems of insecurity associated with the underprivileged. Team Herscham does its utmost to maintain an essential balance, with the aim of finding a harmony in which everyone can live better together. Chris’ work is motivated by an unshakeable determination to give rights back to people who think they no longer have them, and to simply give them an active place in our society.

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