Àngels Vila Muntal

Director of Prevention Services, City of Barcelona (Spain)

Àngels Vila Muntal is the Director of Prevention Services at the Barcelona City Hall, and focuses on issues related to security, prevention and social cohesion. She also carries out the victimisation survey of Barcelona, and projects focusing on the prevention of gender violence, gender and security mediation and alternative measures to sanction. Prior to this, she has held other positions and responsibilities in the Government of Catalonia, such as Head of the Security Cabinet of the Department of the Interior and she has been a criminal lawyer. She holds a Law Degree and English Studies Degree, and a Master’s in Criminal Law and Public Management. She has published articles and books on topics related to security, data protection and privacy. Previously she taught law and new technologies at the Open University of Catalonia. Currently she is also a teacher at the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia on topics related to Security and Police.

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