Alexandra Antoniadis

Manager Deputy Head of UnitDG HOME Unit D.5 Organized crime and drugs, European Commission

Alexandra Antoniadis has been working in the European Commission for 20 years in different jobs including the Commission’s Legal service and, since 2013, DG HOME. She worked in the area of counter terrorism and radicalisation responsible for the Radicalisation Awareness Network, cooperation with social media companies under the EU Internet Forum and the establishment of the EU initiative “Cities against Radicalisation”. She has ample experience in engagement with different private and public stakeholders at national, regional and local level addressing security challenges in a holistic and comprehensive manner. In her current position, she has been responsible for the implementation of the Organised Crime Strategy, the negotiation of the new asset recovery and confiscation directive as well as the implementation of the actions under the recently adopted Roadmap against organised crime and drugs trafficking.


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