Alejo Steimberg

Socio-cultural coordinator, Jewish Lay Community Centre (CCLJ)David Susskind - Citizenship education programme "Hate, I say NO!" (Belgium)

Alejo Steimberg has been working at the Jewish Lay Community Centre (CCLJ) David Susskind since 2019. He organises events on identity(ies) and develops educational tools to combat racism, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories. He is responsible for the "Juif?" educational exhibition, which focuses on the current dimension of anti-Semitism. He represents the CCLJ as referent on anti-Semitism in various working groups, including the Brussels Consultative Council for the Elimination of Racism and the Interfederal Coordination Mechanism for Combating Antisemitism. He also writes analyses and studies on the fight against racism in Belgium today.

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